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The Mission of Det Bozeman is to provide a premier network for military veterans in advanced business careers and offer professional development and investment opportunities that propel our members to the highest levels of private sector leadership.


Det Bozeman LLC is a privately held, for-profit Delaware company owning and operating all assets and functions related to:

  • Network membership

  • Private member forums

  • Strategic corporate partnerships

  • Membership programs including:

    • Task Force program

    • Fellowship program

    • Regional events

    • Annual Summit




DB members are selected through an application process.

The selection criteria and detailed applicant reviews are key factors in the value of our network.

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Every DB member is former military. Backgrounds include Special Operations, SEALs, Rangers, aviators, intelligence officers, submariners, and doctors.






Each DB applicant is carefully screened for post-military professional achievement and further career potential. Only the most qualified candidates are considered for membership.

Membership criteria






Potential members undergo a two-round interview with DB leadership. After confirming fit and interest on both sides, candidates may join DB and gain access to full member benefits including the annual Summit, regional events, and exclusive online forums focused on collaborative business ventures.




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Annual Summit


Det Bozeman's annual Summit is held in Bozeman, Montana. Removed from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas, Bozeman is an ideal setting for our annual tradition that fosters deep relationships and promotes professional collaboration. After the Summits, members can engage in some of Montana's epic outdoor pursuits including mountaineering, backpacking, hunting, and fishing.

Every year in Bozeman, our ultimate goal is to create a close-knit community that strengthens throughout our professional careers. As the community grows stronger, so will this annual tradition.

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