Scott Zolendziewski

On today's episode, Scott shares with me his path through the Army and towards business school/civilian life. He joined the military to focus on relationship building, and during his time in service had the opportunity to meet and work with partners from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, then transitioning to consulting and customer success where the name of the game is effective relationship management.

He shares his thoughts on the consulting world as the, "grad school to grad school," and how those experiences shaped his ultimate pursuit of a customer-facing role with a technology company operating at the forefront of customer experience and user satisfaction; meeting customers on their terms and in their chosen medium.

We touch on how his veteran network and connections from the SF world have moved his career in the right direction, his belief in amplifying your strengths vice focusing on weaknesses, and his lifelong desire to bite off more than he can chew, even if it sometimes means dealing with the heartburn afterwards.

Sean Bonawitz